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The Accountable Leader

Developing Effective Leadership Through Managerial Accountablility

The Accountable Leader - Brian DiveLeaders and managers in organizations at all levels are increasingly under the spotlight, and under constant pressure to achieve maximum performance. However, many of these business leaders do not have jobs with clear or real accountabilities.

The Accountable Leader explores the leadership-related problems that arise due to ineffective organizational structures. Many leaders don’t have the freedom to make the decisions that really have an impact on the organization’s performance, and a lot of companies would perform better if they harnessed the full talents of their workforce more effectively. All too often, it is the case that these leaders are
frustrated in their attempts to make decisions – because the way that the organization is designed doesn’t allow them to do so.

This thought-provoking and inspirational book focuses on an essential but overlooked aspect of leadership and management: the relationship between accountability, organizational design, leadership and business performance. Complete with practical case studies and international examples, The Accountable Leader is essential reading for business professionals and students of business who want to discover how to be an effective leader and how to create an organization that allows leadership talent to flourish and succeed.