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Croydon City Council

"At Cable & Wireless we used the DMA Solution set both to identify cost savings and to help with the integration of the acquisition of Energis. It proved very helpful both in creating a 'healthy' structure and in providing a clear, open and objective way of assessing candidates for roles from the Energis and the legacy C&W organisations. I had previously used Brian Dive and DMA at the pharmaceutical company Amersham, where its intellectual rigour was a great asset."

 Malcolm Saffin, Group Head of Performance and Reward.

‘”At Orange Telecommunications, Brian worked with myself, the HR team and the business enabling us to understand the approach and methodology of applying management organisation layers and spans of control. Through his input and intervention we were able to conduct an initial investigation into the organisation structures; build an understanding of this approach within the HR function and business; use his support to train the HR team; use this approach to redesign the organisation applying a common set of organisation layers, which in turn highlighted and removed duplication and inefficiency”

Shaunagh Harvey Kelly, Director of Reward and Pensions

““I have known Brian and worked with the concept of Work levels now for a number of years in the Financial services sector and am therefore very familiar with Brian's work.

My first experience was at Tesco Bank, Brian worked with me as the HRD to work on the OD for the new Bank.

During this period myself and my team were trained up in how to assess a roles work level and to coach colleagues in better understanding them.

My next experience was at Northern Rock, a well established Bank that operated with over 25 grades. Brian and his team worked with us to redesign the whole organisation including pay architecture.

Work levels promote and support accountable leaders. Everyone is very clear on their personal and team accountabilities which in turn ensures more effective leadership at all levels.

This model eliminates duplication and compression which empowers / liberates colleagues and leads to not only better colleague engagement scores (morale, trust, performance and cross functional collaboration) but much better business results across the scorecard.

As this model is truly embedded it allows an organisation to become more agile and respond to business challenges. It allows a leader to know exactly who the right colleagues are to work on the issues / project etc.

By ensuring role profiles, induction, T&C etc are all aligned to this model it means that both internally or am external stakeholder such as the FSA know exactly who to contact and work with.

I am a big advocate of the DMA Solution Set.”

Heather Lauder, Director Customer service and sales Northern Rock

"(Brian Dive's) principles have continued to contribute to global reorganization, started in 1996, aimed at delivering outstanding business perfomance and growth"
Niall FitzGerald, Chairman Unilever plc

"Brian Dive has produced an important book that explains why many organizations are unhealthy. He clearly sets out his approach to people and management and deomonstrates how to achieve a healthy organization that is designed to enable employees to serve their customers and achieve personal satisfaction."
Sir Terry Leahy, CEO Tesco

"Top executives and HR professionals addressing ever tougher corporate governance, global market competition and talent demands will find this book a distinctive aid to action."
Stephen Perkins, author of Globalisation:The people dimension.

“Simple organizational structure and clear accountability are necessary conditions for the exercise of effective leadership. In this comprehensive book Brian Dive has made a most useful contribution in reminding us of these fundamentals.”
John Adair, the world’s first Professor of Leadership Studies

“An eminently readable and refreshing book. More importantly, a must-read for operating managers, not just HR professionals.”
R Gopalakrishnan, Executive Director, Tata Sons Ltd, and author of The Case of the Bonsai Manager

“An excellent read. The benefit of truly accountable leaders is that they are able to create effective structures where their staff know what is expected of them, and can improve the business for customers.”
Jane Storm, Group Head of Talent, Organization Design and Performance at Tesco

"The book is a must-read for business leaders and educators, senior HR professionals and consultants."
Businessworld India

"Dive's ideas do stick in the mind, and they are certainly ones that any company would find worth its while to remember."
New Manager

"Dive clearly indicates the problems facing busness, and how an organization should behave to effectively meet the demands of customers, employees, competitors and shareholders."
Personnel Today

"This book is an excellent, pragmatic framework for organizational development. The chapter on managment development will be illuminating for the HR and training professional."
Training Journal

"Rarely does a management book encompass such well-researched and tested ideas coupled iwth sound advice for management."
Management Services

"The process worked at yes,Tesco and Unilever."
The Times

"Dive's book is new and its an interesting spin on long-standing issues. It is unlikely to kill the patient and might well breathe new life into some. It is, afterall, based on a great deal of field trial."
New Zealand Management

"Very readable, coherent and articulate."
The Times Higher Education Supplement