DMA Consultancy Limited

The DMA Solution Set

DMA Consultancy Limited is a consulting Organization which designs, develops and supports processes, which enable Organizations to apply the logic and principles of Decision Making Accountability (DMA)to assess and improve Organizational health.  The DMA model offers a conceptually integrated approach to Organizations wishing to improve

  • Organizational design
  • The management of performance
  • The growth and development of the individual
  • Motivation, reward and retention
  • The identification and development of 'high potential'
  • Career and succession planning
  • The pace of Organizational change and development

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Decision Making Accountability

DMA is to the Organization what DNA is to the body. It is the genetic code of Organizational life. It maps the path to Organizational health and effectiveness. Excessive numbers of decision-makers and channels of decision-making clog the arteries of vitality and slow down the speed of response to consumers and customers. A lack of well-defined and clear accountability leads to Organizational sclerosis and inefficiency.

Accountability is the key.

The unhealthy features of both large and small Organizations, whether private or public, voluntary or co-operative, all stem from the same source - a true lack of accountability.

Organizations are unhealthy because they lack transparent Decision Making Accountability (DMA).

DMA is the genetic code of the healthy Organization. The aim of DMA Consultancy Limited is to enable Organizations to apply the logic and principles of DMA to assess and improve Organizational health.

The integrated logic of Decision Making Accountability.

The logic of DMA integrates everything needed to manage people successfully. Most traditional HR systems merely link the various elements of people management. DMA focuses on the quality of decisions taken, what they add to the work of others, while contributing to the Organization's mission and strategy.

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