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The Healthy Organization

The Healthy Organisation - Brian Dive

Despite the huge volume of research on organizational design, ranging from the work of management gurus and journalists to that of sociologists and behavioural scientists, most organizations remain profoundly unhealthy.

In this fully updated second edition of his groundbreaking book, Brian Dive reveals that the unhealthy features of both large and small organizations all stem from the same source, namely the lack of true decision-making accountability (DMA), and he introduces a totally new approach to leadership development.

Based on the author’s experience at Unilever and Tesco, and more recently at Amersham, B&Q and Marks & Spencer, and covering research in over 50 countries, The Healthy Organization answers the recurring questions that dog an organization ’s development:

  • How many people should there be in this organization?
  • How many layers of hierarchy are necessary?
  • What are the most effective professional development steps for employees?
  • What career paths should individuals follow to reach fulfilment?

By following the steps outlined in the book, Brian Dive reveals that healthy
organizational management will lead to greater competitiveness, spark innovation
and increase employee empowerment and commitment..