DMA Consultancy Limited is a consulting Organization which designs, develops and supports processes, which enable Organizations to apply the logic and principles of Decision Making Accountability (DMA) to assess and improve Organizational health. 

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The Market: What Market?

January 2017

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a well- run organisation has an effective leader. Good CEOs deserve to be well rewarded.

Forty years ago, there was a consensus emerging in Europe that pay differentials should be around 5:1 (gross) from top to bottom in any organization. While that was shown to be unworkable, today we have more like 500:1, and climbing. How did this happen?

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Brian J. Dive Recognized for Excellence in International Organizational Design and Leadership Development

January, 2016

Brian Dive is the author of three books, including the new  “Mission Mastery: Revealing a 100 Year Old Leadership Secret”

WEYBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM, December 9, 2015, Brian Dive, Managing Director of DMA Consultancy Limited, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in international organizational design and leadership development.

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latest book by Brian Dive

Accountability and Leadership in the Catholic Church - What Needs to be Improved

Accountability and Leadership in the Catholic Church - What Needs to be ImprovedThe Catholic Church is many things: a sign and instrument of Christ; a gathering of flawed human beings; and a mystery. It is, in some ways, unlike any other organization in the world, yet it is, nevertheless, an organization: as St John Henry Newman observed, “it has developed according to the laws under which combinations of men develop”. There are better and worse ways of structuring, and leading, organizations. Over the past century, a body of knowledge has developed about how to create “healthy”, effective organizations. This volume applies this knowledge to the church—in a way that will be of great interest to all who wish to understand the church, as well as to students and practitioners of organizational development—and identifies flaws in its organizational life

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Mission Mastery. Revealing a 100 year old leadership secret

Mission Master CoverThis book reveals the story of how the first large learning organization was formed. Emerging around 1870, it involved an organizational transformation that followed a disaster some 60 years earlier. The great success of this process was the introduction of a totally new approach to leadership – a competitive edge that would go undetected for another 100 years.

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The Accountable Leader

The Accountable Leader - Brian DiveDeveloping Effective Leadership Through Mangerial Accountablility

The Accountable Leader is centred around three themes – leadership, accountability and organizational structure – and explores what it means for managers to be held to account at all levels in an organization. This enlightening title demonstrates that most leadership-related problems arise from the ineffectiveness of organizational structures that lack accountable jobs.

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the healthy organization

In this fully updated second edition of his groundbreaking book, Brian Dive reveals that the unhealthy features of both large and small organizations all stem from the same source, namely the lack of true decision-making accountability (DMA), and he introduces a totally new approach to leadership development.

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about Brian Dive

Brian Dive - AuthorDr Brian Dive is a vastly experienced international manger, consultant, and author, with almost 50 years’ experience in Organization design, all aspects of strategic HR and transformational change in large organizations. He has worked on assignments in 70 countries.

Recent clients include, Aviva, Affinity Water Company, BAES, Bupa, BT, COPE, Connect Group, ,DHL (A global division of Deutsche Post), Experian, Genus, IPL (Wal-mart), JLR (Jaguar Land Rover), New Look, River Island, Severn & Trent Water Company, Quintet Bank, and Tesco Bank & Tesco Stores.

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